Pat Brownlie started painting in oils as a teenager.  After college, she went to work In Information Technology as a career and began to travel both nationally and internationally and so added photography to her artistic skills.  She began with a Yashica rangefinder camera, but quickly graduated permanently to a series of Nikon SLRs.  She currently uses a Nikon D7100 to capture the photographic images that she uses as the basis for her photography as well as her Pixel phone's camera which produces some images almost as good as her Nikon.

Pat's photography grew out of the ability to use Adobe Photoshop to give her the freedom to create an image reflecting what she could see in her mind as well as what the camera had taken.  She thinks of it as a merger or natural outgrowth of her background in both oils and photography since she has learned to combine the freedom of painting a picture with the manipulation of the photographic image to produce a final piece that has elements of both.  Every one of her pieces starts with one or more photographs that are transformed – merged, melded, extracted, manipulated, enhanced – into a final work of art..

All of the art in Pat's portfolios is available for sale unless it is specifically stated that the limited edition cap has been reached.  Her preference is that her works be printed on metal since MetalPrints provide a depth and vibrance that clearly enhance the works.  Please contact her through the contact page for inquiries about prices since prices are dependent upon the size of the piece. 

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